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This alleged deadbeat Ruben and Karen Galicia of Charlotte, North Carolina has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Good Afternoon!!! If you would like to work hard doing back breaking work (concrete) why not call Ruben Galicia from Galicia Concrete AKA K&G Concrete Inc at: 980-722-4556 or 704-210-4400.; Call today and you will get work right away!!!; The only glitch isÉÉ.YOU WILL NOT GET PAID!!!; I mean, what idiot works their asses off for someone else and then expects to get paid at the end of the week right?; Yup Ruben and his wife Karen, pray on unsuspecting hard working laborers to do their sub contracting work in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Mexico just to name a few states he works out of, so THEY CAN RECEIVE THEIR CHECKS but you? LOL, nah, you get empty promises of: I mailed your check to your home, itÕs coming via Fed Ex or better yet: I will be on the job site to hand deliver your paychecks. All of which do NOT happen cause yup, you guessed it: HE IS A DEADBEAT, LIAR, THIEF and a PUSSY.; Did I mention he is Mexican and hires only hispanic men cause IÕm guessing he wouldnÕt get away with doing the to Americans.; This guy will not return your calls or emails. Probably because he is scheming on who his next victims will be?; You can look him up on Facebook under either Ruben Galicia or Galicia Concrete Inc.; Tell him his buddy (me) says hello. Hell, even tell him I sent you to him because you are looking to work and not get paid for it. I mean, someone has to maintain his lifestyle right?; He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, stiffed a few employees in Tennessee and the guys here in New Port News.; Well, itÕs a total of 4 men that are owed an estimated 10,000 by this guy.; Did I mention one of the *perks* for working for him? Well, the *perk* is you get to get up for work at 4:30am every day to go to work and at the end of the week go home to your family and children right before Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year and tell them that yes, daddy went to work every morning at 4:30am but since Ruben doesnÕt pay his employees, daddy has no money for this months rent, no money for a turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner, no money for Santa this year and no money for New Years either.; Now isnÕt Ruben just a great guy for putting hard working men in that position? All the while he is on Facebook talking about his holidays in Mexico with his family, new trucks he bought and speeding tickets he needs to pay because he was speeding thru the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel?; Yeah, this guy is a peach, so hurry, hurry and call him for work. The only thing I ask is to chew carefully so you donÕt choke on the pitt!!!; Someone has to maintain his and his wife KarenÕs life style and since his crew of 4 quit I am sure he is scrambling for new suckers oops I mean employees!!; Viva Los Scumbags!!!; Happy New Year Sin Verguenza

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