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This alleged deadbeat Sean Michael Stopper of Waldorf, Maryland has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This is a terrible selfish, heartless man. After 8mths of getting no support or help from him I filed child support. He called drunk as usual right after to see what i was getting from him. Not 1 question was how is my daughter or does she need anything. Of course there were mths when i got nothing or not the full $565 a mth. He lives at home with his parents rent, electricity, gas, water, food free. He has 2 bills (car insurance & 1 credit card). I recently let him see his daughter thinking he might have cared but all he wanted to do was get out of paying child support. He found out I got into bad car accident & have brain injury & used it against me. He went into child support office so he could get the money reduced from $1037 to $500. I barely get any money now bc he turns down hours at work on purpose. The time I really need help he does this. Horrible han being. I believe in Karma but hope no one meets up with this guy & he hurts them too.; Whats the worst part of this deadbeat dad is the child support office in fairfax cty (DCSC). He gets over on them playing a victim in this. They favor him to & treat mother like she is getting over the father. Very sad.

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