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This alleged deadbeat Sophie Mcmullan of Portland, Maine has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Sophie McMullan is a closet drinker and prostitute. She leaves the teen center while her deadbeat father boyfriend sleeps, and hangs with black men, comes back with money. Has been sober for a month, tries to act like sheÕs better than everyone, honestly thinks she Òmade it.Ón Hobbies include: public intoxication, temper tantrums when people limit her alcohol abuse, nodding out at metro bus stops, and telling perfectly okay people that they need help.n Seriously needs help herself. DonÕt let her fool you! Ask her how those three years in Long Creek were. In there her hobbies included: freaking out over a phone call to her lawyer, banging her head off the walls, ripping her clothes off and Ôtrying to kill herselfÕ and generally making everyone elseÕs time in there a living hell.n IsnÕt having a good time unless itÕs all about her.

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