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This alleged deadbeat Steve Earl Higginbotham of Scottsdale / Phoenix, Arizona has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Steve Higginbotham use to run a very successful air conditioning company. Unfortunately drugs and alcohol got the best of him. He owns Higginbotham & Son Heating & Cooling & because his reputation got so bad he started a company under his sons name CNN Refrigeration. He lost 2 houses and that the most recent was that his girlfriend died of an overdose. She was 32 years old had 4 kids all taken away from her. We have a 6 year old daughter Chloe. She is great but he is over $9,000 behind in child support yet this man can travel to see his family on the holidays and sit in the bar and drink.n A Photo can be seen at the following website:; https://www.facebook.com/Higginbotham-Son-AC-Heating-Services-203764669660208/

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