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This alleged deadbeat Steve Leedom of Sacramento, California has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Wow..where do I begin! Met and married a man I loved deeply! Had 2 girls right away as he was a man I so wanted to have kids a family!; In less than a year he stopped paying most of the bills, even though he had the money. We planned kids and I got pregnant and then once again, soon after.; Had two WONDERFUL girls! Moved 5 times because he couldnÕt find his Òhappy placeÓ. Then he lost his momÕs business and we had to move somewhere I HATED..but did so to support him emotionally. He wanted to start a business, so I went out and in 4 hours got him enough clients to help him get started.; Funny how he never did the work. He is extremely talented..but too lazy. I began building my own business. Was very successful. He milked his mom for every dime she had against her will to pay bills rather than work. He had one job that was great! But quit in a few months because he wasnÕt Ôhappy.Ó; Finally had 2 cars reposted, house in foreclosure and no real support for years. He lives off stupid women and trusting business ÔassociatesÕ who give him money and he never pays it back.; My girls are adults now and want NOTHING to do with him, which of course he blames on me. I let him see them at my home and locally whenever he was willing, which was VERY rare, paid for their outings, all against their wishes in the hopes he would LOVE THEM at least. But nothing.; Now heÕs found a teacher who pays his bills and we are in the system. But they canÕt MAKE him pay. He puts all this junk out there publicly as if he is part of my business! Taking money from my clientsÉnot paying us a dime.; He is the ORIGINAL con artist. Women, his family, they have all been bankrupted thanks to him. Thank goodness my kids always saw for themselves his evil ways. They are healthy and wonderful and while its a huge struggle everyday in many ways, we are ok.; Just makes me so mad a male can get away with this. I agree with Dr. Laura. HeÕs a male, not a man.

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