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This alleged deadbeat Suzyn Bronk of Winona, Minnesota has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: I know this is a site to expose deadbeat parents, but I am sincerely hoping I can expose a bad mother. She name is Suzyn Bronk, and she lives in Winona MN. She lives with her mother and leaves her 5 year old daughter with her mother to go out to drink and do drugs every night. She never takes care of her Daughter. I recently found out that her ex-husband wants more than anything to care for their daughter when she in unwilling or unable to care for their daughter. When she is at work she puts her in a very expensive daycare ($750 a month) when Josh (her ex) is willing and wanting to provide care for their daughter for free! He has requested that she let him care for their daughter , and she responds with a snarky ÒItÕs MY parenting time JOSH! So NO!Ó how is it her Òparenting timeÓ when she is in a daycare facility that Josh is then forced to pay for on top of his $800/month child support?; Josh is a Disabled Veteran. He deployed to Afghanistan twice the second time resulting in him being blown up by an IED causing severe injuries. The very day Suzyn received the call that he had sustained severe injuries from the explosion she drove 45 minutes to file for divorce. She was his wife so she was the only one to receive a call. When she finally called JoshÕs Mother she point blank said ÒJosh was blown up and is severely injuredÓ and just hung up. She from that moment steadfastly kept their young daughter away from Josh through the whole divorce process. Outright refusing to let Josh FaceTime their daughter. Despite the fact that he bought their daughter an iPad to have the ability to see and talk to his daughter, being that he was a service member that was the only means for him to effectively communicate with his child. The only time Suzyn allowed him to talk to his daughter is when she needed something, and of course he would JUMP at the opportunity! Only for it to last all of 2 seconds before Suzyn would be screaming at the top of her lungs (in front of THEIR daughter) at Josh demanding that he give her whatever she wants.; Ok now a little bit about this expensive daycare facility, itÕs the absolute worst I have ever heard of! From my own personal experiences the ÒteachersÓ donÕt pay attention to the children and they run around doing whatever they want. After talking to Josh about how he felt about this particular facility he responded with ÒI donÕt like my daughter going there, and Suzyn without my consent put her in there! Mind you they both have joint LEGAL custody! One of my children went there (they promote it as a pre-school but itÕs nothing more than a glorified babysitting service) for a week and I immediately pulled him out! Why? Because there is absolutely NO structure and the kids run wild! To top it off both JoshÕs and my child has experienced other children hitting them. IÕm not talking a playful hitting, I mean full fledged punches to the face, arms, stomach, and groin hitting, and being pushed around (bullying). Josh spoke with the director on the program and her response was Òpick up your child early on your days if you donÕt like our programÓ SERIOUSLY?!?!?! He tried to bring this problem to SuzynÕs attention, she just responded with ÒitÕs completely normal for kids that age to beat up other kids Josh!Ó Again I say SERIOUSLY?!?!?!; Josh worries about his Daughter on so many levels, Mentally and physically but mostly her Hygienic and educational wellbeing. His daughter is only 5 and had 20+ (factual not exaggerated) cavities in her mouth! Josh has only recently (and is still fighting to get more time) in the last 9 months been able to see his daughter on somewhat a regular basis because of fighting for it in court. She NEVER seems bathed when he picks her up, and she is always in rags! Josh and his new wife Cassie have to buy her new clothes/shoes at least once every two or so months because they throw away the torn tattered or two sizes too small for her clothing/shoes JoshÕs daughter comes in. But Suzyn never seems to send her back in any of the clothing/shoes Josh or Cassie have bought in previous months. Josh has asked his daughter where she gets her clothing (including underwear GROSS!)/shoes from and she says ÒMy cousin Bella.Ó; Josh Worries educationally because his daughter couldnÕt spell her own name or even recite the alphabet when he first started getting her on his somewhat regular basis (every other weekend and every Wednesday night per the presumed parenting time in Minnesota clearly against dadÕs statute). She canÕt read and when asked to read even the most simple words ÒtoÓ ÒcowÓ ÒcatÓ ÒdogÓ she completely shuts off! She didnÕt even know what state she lived in and couldnÕt even recite her Òphone numberÓ! These are major causes for concern as children should know where they live (and not just Òat grandmaÕs houseÓ) and a phone number. My children were taught all of these things at an early age. My 4 year old not only knows how to spell his full name but also my phone number and our address, and he reads pre-school aged approved books!; On top of all of this she DEMANDED that Josh return their daughter early from the Christmas Holiday because she wanted to make plans with their daughter, and instead of fighting with her Josh requested in return that he get to have her for New Years. To which she said no because she also had ÒplansÓ that she felt she needed their daughter for and also it was her holiday and she absolutely would not forfeit her holiday. Now ladies and gentleman heres the kicker! Instead of spending her holiday she refused to forfeit with her daughter where she should have been she was out at the bar completely and totally intoxicated! She also got arrested for a DWI that night. So not only was she depriving Josh time with his daughter (where it would have been better spent) she was out BREAKING THE LAW! Where was their daughter you might wonder É Well she was with SuzynÕs mother of course, where she always is! SHOCKER!!!!; No she didnÕt walk out on her child and she isnÕt ordered to pay child support so she isnÕt a deadbeat in that sense. But she certainly isnÕt raising her daughter either. Her mother is! And she certainly isnÕt spending the child support on her child as her daughter has nothing and is in rags all the time and looks homeless. 90% of her Òfree timeÓ (time not spent at work) she is at Nettie and GregÕs house getting high then going the Bar. All the while Josh is sitting at home with his Wife and her daughter wishing he had his daughter because he genuinely cares.; I am sincerely hoping to expose this woman! More fathers need to stand up for their rights. ItÕs not an easy battle because it truly is a woman world out there. But I bet if more alienated fathers stood up things would change! I know its not all mothers alienating fathers I know some fathers out there alienate their childrenÕs mothers. But the fight and struggle is real!

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