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This alleged deadbeat Symone S Jackson of Trenton, New Jersey has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This black FAT ass gorilla is a POOR excuse for a mother and I mean poor. The bitch has 4 kids and canÕt take care of any of them. She calls herself TRYING to look decent but her kids ALWAYS look like SHIT! This bitch canÕt keep a job, the only time the bitch got a job is during the seasonal holiday so come January she can fill taxes on the kids so does nothing for. She doesnÕt know who the REAL father is for her second born child. She has the fucking audacity to have the ONE good father her son has on child support because her CEASAR the Ape looking ass wonÕt get or keep a job. SheÕs the real definition of fucking DEADBEAT! Anybody who disagrees can SUCK MY DICK because you are either her so called ÒfriendÓor a just a dick eater! Oh by the way she has HEPATITIS C and HERPES. She a fucking waste of space, this bitch grew up in a group home bitch her own fucking parents didnÕt want her. What a fucking disgrace. I hear you real good with your mouth, go put that shit to use so you, your kids and that registered sex offender SYLVESTER MEYERS that your fucking and living with can stop being EVICTED every six months.

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