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This alleged deadbeat Wayne Allen Johnson of Minnetonka, Minnesota has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Wayne owes $6,262 in child support arrears and refuses to contribute a dime towards oldest girlÕs college expenses this fall. Meantime, he is shacking up with someone who is dumb enough to buy his lies, the biggest of which is he is a straight Christian man. He is actually a transvestite who spends thousands of dollars annually on his VictoriaÕs Secret wardrobe so he can jack off while looking at himself in the mirror. He hid it from me and heÕs hiding it from her. No money for his kids, but you can bet he keeps his VickiÕs account up to date. He wants to be Father of the Year by being the girlsÕ ÒfriendÓ while someone else (namely, me and my husband, who is a REAL man) have all the responsibility. If anyone knows his girlfriend, Debbie Villcheck, please talk some sense into her! I have dozens of people who can vouch for what I say here.

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