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This alleged deadbeat William Kitch Jr (bill) of Honolulu, Hawaii has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: My dad is the biggest scum on earth. HeÕs living in Hawaii with his new wife and daughter aka my sister. he spoils her and buys himself a 5000$ tv and a brand new srx Cadillac and a brand new house in Hawaii. Note that the only reason he has this is because of his wife aka my stepmom. After I told him the only reason he has these things was because of her he got mad and said I wasnÕt his son and to never call him again. he never really helped with my medical bills or child support.; I struggle with depression and anxiety and have had a recent overdose and brain injury. So I have foot drop and a traumatic brain injury. my dad doesnÕt do shit for me but tell me to grow the fuck up and be a man. and to get a job. well I canÕt work because I have a traumatic brain injury and foot drop I canÕt stand without feeling pain everyday I think about killing myself because of the situation. IÕm in. This man is not a man heÕs a joke and after I told him I feel like killing myself everyday and he said to never call him again and he doesnÕt love me anymore. I just want to have a real dad one that supports me and loves me. No matter what. but with my dad I donÕt think that is possible. Please if you see this man give him a two sense of what you think.

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