Todd C Shirey Jr, camp verde, Arizona

This alleged deadbeat Todd C Shirey Jr of camp verde, Arizona has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Todd shirey is a california native who now resides in arizona. He has 2 children, from 2 different women. Todd has abondoned both children, ages 7 and 2, several times over the course of tbeir lives, and has failed to willingly support both financially and physically, both children. Todd works, and never offers either of his childrens mothers any additional support and has often ignored court orders for visitation, and doesnt check in on his children, or even make himself available if the mothers need to speak with him, or are seeking financial assistance. Todds youngest son has had several medical issues, and was recently diagnosed with autism. He has not been there for the child, been active or show concern for his childs well being in any way. The mother was forced to file court paperwork for full custody to be able to make medical decisions because she is never able to reach todd in their sons time of crisis, and had no choice but to file, and seek support because she was unable to work as she has been taking care of all their sons medical issues. He shows up in and out of both childrens life when its convienent for him, and then disappears. His only concern is working out, and womanizing females by lying about his education, and lifestyle. Todd refuses to step up, and take care of his kids in any way a real father would, and has no problem letting the mother of his children do whatever they have to to care for the children, and he sits back and waits until the problems or issues are resolved and reappears until he gets bored, or finds a shiney new victim to manipulate and put all his time and effort into. Both mothers have been extremely fair, and have tried over and over to have him be involved, and he just does the bare minimum and thinks that is enough. He abondonded his oldest son for a full year, then decided to file court paperwork for out of state visits. It was denied by a judge who saw thru his deciet, and ordered 6 months of once a month visits in the county where the mother resided, and anger management. He was also given 2 days a week to facetime with the child. Todd complied with one visit in those 6 months. And didnt complete anger management, and to this day, rarely calls the child or makes plans to visit, even though there is a court order. He has made empty promises and had shown fake concern and empathy towards the mother of his second son. And in the event she falls for it, and believes him, and reaches out to him for help, he doesnt answer, or respond to her. And never offered any kind of financial support until she filed for child support. Todd is in arrears for both children. And thinks its unfair he has to pay, but doesnt think its unfair he has abandoned all of his financial, and legal obligations as a father, yet has no moral issue with the mothers struggling and caring for the children on their own. The emotional damage he has done coming in and out of their lives is damaging, yet he doesnt care. Todd likes to look good on paper, so he goes to court, he fights his case, then when he gets what he wants, he once again walks away from the children and their mothers, living selfishly and flaunting it, with no remorse for his children.

March 1st, 2017 by
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