Torrence Theus, Indianapolis, Indiana

This alleged deadbeat Torrence Theus of Indianapolis, Indiana has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This less of a man doesnÕt come see his kids and he lives in the same state. He complains about paying child support and lives with different women. From his mother house to whoever heÕs sexing at the time. He uses women for money and their cars. He uses women until he canÕt use them anymore.n He snorts powder everyday and because of his drug habit he lost a damn good job working as a supervising chef at one of the top restaurants in Indiana. He has 4 kids already and steadily trying to make more. He has the potential to be a great father. But, he chooses women and his own life over his kids.n His excuses are always the same.He says heÕs trying to get his life right. ItÕs been YEARS and all heÕs done is seem to make things worse on hisself.n Since losing his job, he works long enough to accumulate enough money for his habit, then he quits because he doesnÕt want child support to garnish his wages. HeÕs a poor excuse for a father. I know some women are bitter about their kid(s) father, bu but that isnÕt me.All IÕve ever wanted was forn him to do is man up and be a father. ItÕs not always about the money. ItÕs about the quality time you invest with your children. That is what theyÕll remember.n Ladies watch out for him. HeÕll seem sweet until he gets angry and starts hitting on you and stealing from you.n Proceed with caution.

July 22nd, 2017 by
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