Tracey Young, Boston, Massachusetts

This alleged deadbeat Tracey Young of Boston, Massachusetts has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Ugly MF what is this u can stick 2 quarter s in his gap this MF more insecure than a tranny he has just had another baby some girl with a 1 inch ponytail all this night do is cry for attention flavor flave ugly ass have more self esteem than this mutant looking MF u can tell he lives a rough life but wanna always blame the world for not being happy is this a bitch ass nigga or what night pull down ya skirt & be quiet one min he wanna be hard next min crying like a bitch Cuz his feeling hurt so when see this ugly MF please give him a hug & tell him it ok & u care Cuz if u donÕt he will have a bitch fit & he ugly already so imagine the face he makes when hes mad jaw dropping

July 13th, 2017 by
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