Twon Holly Davis, ATL; Memphis; St. Louis, Missouri

This alleged deadbeat Twon Holly Davis of ATL; Memphis; St. Louis, Missouri has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: I met Twon aka Holly at a store back in 2012. He was fine, charming a gentleman and he dressed nice and was in a range.. How could I say no? I swear to god I wish I did. We delt wit eachother for luke 6 months. Lost contact and caught Back up in 14 . He has been nothing but hell since! He has a Daughter that he takes care of.. And he takes care of some one else daughter like it his. But I have his 2 year old daughter and he has never ever did anything for her. Nothing!! my bby dont even know him or about about him. How can you take care of another bitch child but not your own! He owns a construction. And houses. Plus he sell dope ! Yup IÕm putting it out there. he a drug dealer and he got money but donÕt do shit for his baby in clubs buying bottles. Flying all around the world and wearing clothes that cost money. Buying beauty shops for bitches but ainÕt got yo baby no pampers. Never not once! ! He take care of the oldest girl but he also got a son he donÕt do shit for! He donÕt even tell ppl he got another child! How u deny your own son!? Fucking dead beat!! His son like 5. He fucked my hoe ass gold digger cousin Tesha Anderson or Tesha JusFine on Facebook while I was with him and got her pregnant and gave her 10 thousand to get an abortion and I know he did cause he tried to give me 5grand to have one but I donÕt believe in that shit. He had some girl name T try to bring it to me. . IÕm blocked on every site CAUSE everytime i see a page of go off on him and tell him what his baby need And he blocks me. I donÕt know his number. Y? Cause he donÕt care about his own flesh and blood. . BUT you take care of hoes and look out for niggas. How you buying christmas for a yo nigga kids when he go to jail for selling drugs. But nothing for your own! Ladies be ware! Of this dog!! He is the definition of a deadBeat. Hopefully you see this. Take care of your kids. My baby and it son. They need u to.

August 19th, 2017 by
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