Tyrell Robert Baker, Pikesville

Tyrell Robert Baker is a deadbeat
Why is Tyrell Robert Baker a deadbeat?
Tyrell Robert Baker (who can usually be found living in his moms basement in Pikesville) is the ultimate deadbeat father. He is a serial cheater and a woman beater as well. After courting me for nearly 6 years off and on, we finally started dating in earnest. About a year later he proposed and I said yes. Not too longer after that, I found out that he was soliciting sex online, so we broke up. But when we found out I was pregnant, we decided to get back together. Over the course of my pregnancy, he cheated on me several times, despite his claims that I was the best he ever had. When I was 5 months pregnant he attacked me when I found out about one of his indiscretions. We broke up for a while, but (because I was in love and wanted my family to be whole, I took him back). When I was 8 months pregnant, he cheated on me again. After crying about how much he wanted his family, I took him back. When our son was 7 months old, he abandoned us and moved back halfway across the country to his moms basement. He NEVER bought anything for his son and spent hardly anytime with him while he was living with us. He was more concerned about video games, basketball, and his exes.

August 12th, 2016 by
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