William D Duran, AZ now Empire; CA; Tucson, California

This alleged deadbeat William D Duran of AZ now Empire; CA; Tucson, California has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This guy, who is not going to be called a dad. He owes over 19,000+ in child support. He has not worked since 2007. Whe he did have a job he would keep it no longer then a few days, not even a week. He has assaulted me in front of my kids many times and always got away with it. But I know what he did. Now his excuse is that im not allowing him to see my two kids. When for years he lived right across the street from us and never once came by to see if they need anything. Another time I moved and yet again he lived across the street and didnÕt say anything. But yet will not pay child support but would play house with his girlfriend and take care of another guys kid. He wasnÕt there when both of my kids started to talk, walk, or even on thier first day of school. He missed many child support court hearing and his excuse is that he didnÕt wake up on time to get to court but here I am taking care of two kids and working three jobs, and still make it to court. Now since he moved from tucson arizona to empire California, he now has a job and always posting he made 500 dollors bonus. . So where is that money for the kids. Ya no where to them. Its fine. They have a dad now someone who has beenthere since day one and never walked out on them. A man who tells them every day he loves them and makes sure they know that. This man doesnÕt have kids of his own but yet knows more on how to be a real father then the sperm donor ever was. Everyone ask if I have someone to help then why keep trying to get child support. Well he put me through hell always leaving my kids with people always walking out on them and just doesnÕt give two shits. Well its called karma. He has an arrest warrant for him and I will keep making his life hell till the day he signs his rights away or till the day he dies.

July 26th, 2017 by
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