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Zipa Quira Acosta

You can find this dead beat in Brooklyn NY. He gets pleasure knowing things are a strain for his son. Wont send money for him or see him. He wines and dines in NYC and other cities claiming to work. He loves telling people that he has a son, yet he has nothing to show for it. His son is 6 and wants nothing to do with him. Zipa Quira Acosta only cares about Zipa Quira Acosta and nothing else. He is the most heartless and stupid person I have ever met. He actually stood before the judge in Brooklyn NY claiming that since I, the mother decided to give birth that he should not be responsible for the hospital bills. What child deserves such a disgrace? Its literally disgusting and worst of all his mother thinks he in the right by acting like this. Such a shame he never learned from his dad walking out on the RESPONSIBILITY OF ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE!!!!!

February 6th, 2016 by
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